Tuesday, July 31, 2007


very cute RIGHT????

got them back!

we don't waste our time in HK. must enjoy to the fullest!! so....

well........... =P
welcome to the snoopy land!

well, didn't get pictures recently. the camera is toooo old... so its very sick now :( sorry for lack of post!!

jevonne*:: ohhhh.. i want you to move back soon :(
Anonymous:: i am back and you are?? should be someone i know??
wilson::thanks! :)
Anonymous:: i brought it back :) they are yummy!!
stanley:: thanks :)
Jamie*:: quick meet up with me!! got things for you!!
Relfy*:: i am back. meet up soon. got lotsa things to tell you!!
J.p:: yup. blog`ed :)


JaMie<*3 said...

you are finally back!!! back to blogging too!!! haha~ i miss you so much!!! haha.. ok... meet up soon.. looking forward to what u gonna give me... haha...

jiahao said...

The "Thanks for sharing!" picture is nice... haha
so cute

jellyj0 said...

you're very very very very very very skinny! common tests are driving me mad :(

Wilson said...

Wow! Very nice! Peanuts sharing from Sally Brown.colourful and vibrant texture.. all of em are sooooo.. cute! i like the third and final photo oso..cool & glamorous oooh 'chuckles'.. awesome job! Cheers!

Relfy said...

contact me when u are free =)

Anonymous said...

stanley here...guess u had a wonderfull time in hongkong...had lots of fun rite...btw, now tat u r back in singapore, r u still wrking at the same place or??