Wednesday, March 11, 2009

最幸福的事 - 梁文音

My new blog song.
Because of the MTV, I stay in front of my TV and listen to the whole song.
(When I seldom listen to one whole song)
Look at the bus stop names.
This song is to everyone.

So much memories.
Good and bad.
Makes me think of something.

I realize, human prefer listening to lies.
Because the fact is always better, nicer..
For example, I know I am ugly,
but when people say that I am ugly, I'll get upset.
But when people lie and say I am pretty,I will be happy.

When I know you love her.
I still hope you to lie and say you love me.
Argghh. This is so stupid!

1 comment:

nahyieve said...

You know, we aren't lying when we said that you are Pretty.

Well, at least I wasn't. and i'm very sure Vanessa would say the same thing. And Yingy. Miss Yingy... =(