Thursday, March 05, 2009

BALI day 3

Morning wormie.
Weird wormie. Normally when you touch them they will curl up right?
This wormie is a super curious one. Keep running around.

They lied to me saying we can see the sunrise.
I never sleep to see the sunrise but.. It seems like its going to rain.

The cook was not in.
And I was hungry.
Chrishirl* COOK!!!

Happy JOJO*

Spot the difference. I miss it so much!

Bakso! My fav! OMG. I want it now! I eat this every morning in BALI.

Its raining and its time for swimming competition!
Chrishirl* really can swim!
The water was warm. (:
Swimming in the rain.

After swimming. Bubble bath!

Going to sleep inside.

Don't you think that the tap looks like telephone?

Relax in the hot water. Still raining outside.

Xiang-xiangs (:

She is the nanny of our villa. (:
Ice-cream time~

Chill a lil, then dinner.
Spicy food.

Guess who is on our bed?

Mr.Green. Looking at the camera.

When I wanted to get a cup to catch it,
something jump on my left leg then to my right leg.
*Hair stand*


Olden days people like to catch them and fight with other crickets.
See who will win.

See the difference?
Anyway, we put both together.
And Mr.Green is GONE! ):
The cricket shit`ed so much.

After a long nap, BBQ!

I don't have to do anything again. HA!

Caleb* & Chrishirl*

Old man. Same as her hair colour eh!

The theater. (:

We went back to our room, for bitching session.

I really like her hair!

That alll for day 3! Gotta wake up early for day 4's shopping!!!!

Yesterday, my f.boyfriend suddenly fall sick.
So I went to meet Kai* to SJPH.
Saw so many friends. Primary school long lost friend!
Was along for quite sometime.
Went to look for Marv* and lil-pig.
After lil-pig blackout, I went to MONO to sing with HanJie*
(:Nice place. Thanks HanJie* for bringing me there(:
Thanks Marv* and lil-pig for entertaining me. (:

Mabel*:: Hope yours is equally fun!
Guest:: If I am not wrong is the GEO lens
SoonYan*:: Thanks! Yup its great! If you've got the time, go there and have some fun!

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