Thursday, March 26, 2009

): Computer died

M.I.A for a long time. Cos my computer can't take it anymore. ):

Went to watch dragonball with Kien* (:


The pictures are just so different.

Dragon Jensen*

Busy Vincent*

Vain Edison*

What are they watching hur? LOL

Edison*s face. Classic.
Cos at 1st we didn't know how to drink the tea.
Super sour!

Kien* and friends at another table. (:

Kim*:: You very blur eh! But anyway, thanks!!! (:
Yvonne*:: THANKS!!
Guest:: No extensions. Er.. Now using mabelline mosse.
Guest:: THANKS!!
Michiyo*:: Thanks!!!
HappyQueen:: Com died ):
Nick*:: See you later
Nana*:: (: Hope things are getting better in your work. Don't so stress!!
Steph*:: When my com is ok, I'll send you (:
Edison*:: Com died. ):
UNDENIABLEPAST:: Really?? Taurus!!
(: :: (:
En En*:: HELLO! (:
vogueindulge:: Can just call me (:

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