Friday, April 03, 2009

ButterFact,VU, Phuture.

JOJO* is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~!!!!!
Thanks for the lappy (:
After Butterfactory, VU with the girls as usual!
Super fun. Drink and drink!

JapJiaHui* Assamptha* HKjojo* ChrishirlNina* Bevlyn*

Everyone loves her BIG BOOBs!

And me too! HAHA!!

SEE???? Don't you think he looks like Sebastian Leong* who is acting in the show table of glory or sth? Ping Pang Yuan.(The guy on the left)

I cut my nails. All botak! I am not digging my nose anyway.

Richard*s finger??

The bunbuns.

With the pretty manager (: Super pretty right?? Richard* the Indian of the night.

VincentNg* Jojo* Sebastian*

Had a really good night with them! (:

Anyway, lucky for those who blogshop!!
Intro this blogshop to all of you!
I love the clothes! Seriously.
Anyone who know Jojo*, will know Jojo* don't shop.
But!! Cos of the clothes from
I wanna shop!! More pretty clothes!!

My sister loves this!!!

I like this! (:

Finally I am wearing something different (:
All thanks to
You can even add and chat with the super friendly boss on MSN!
Their website is
Its really a blogshop you won't wanna miss!
(: :: Updated! Will blog more often. REALLY!
SoonYan*:: Give me a call ya!
UNDENIABLEPAST :: REALLY?? Wow, we should meet. HAHA!
Jasmine*:: Now everyday go out so late huh!! Take good care of your body man!
TianHong*:: Hi (:
Vanessa*:: I've borrow a comp from my friend. Finally (:
Hao*:: When I update my layout ok?
vogueindulge:: THANKS!
Emily*:: Ok, but when I update my layout ok?
Guest :: Er... why??

Once again, A BIG THANK YOU to people who support me (:
Saw Vanessa* and her sis Princessa blogging about my FHM voting.
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH. Just saw it tru my nuffnang.

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