Thursday, April 30, 2009

Drink drank drunk!

Crazy night at butterfactory.

Pictures with my eyes open is when I am still ok.
So drunk to even remember what happened!
Thanks to boyfriend and Nick*!!!
Sorry to people that I irritate by calling and sms`ing crazy things.
Next time I need to pass my phone to someone else when I drink!
So weak!

JiaHui*:: It was from a photoshoot. Its gone! And I hate it! ):
Kim*:: I don't know how to draw. HAHA. OK! I will support!
Guest*:: No, its ugly ): Super sad!
happyQueen:: Will be back! Really! I miss the crazy times!

I want more crazy nights!
Big sorry and big thank you!
Sorry to puke when you all were having supper. LOL!

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