Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hmm.. HeartSays

): Jojo* lost her phone's backside.
But wells, its ok. Luckily got another spare one.

Went out quite a lot recently.
Wanna post up pictures ASAP.

Super tired and moody now.

Lina*:: Cos got fats ma! Thats why nice (: Thanks!
(: :: Thanks! HAHA!
Emily*:: Will do when I update my skin.
vogueindulge:: THANKS!!
Guest:: Do you even know the person I like? HA!
UNDENIALBPAST:: Still find it super cool!
Guest:: My hair is real.
Kim*:: YA! Its real!
HappyQUEEN:: Don't cut your hair!
Nick*:: HA
(: :: Sorry, but I know you more I'll add you. Anyway, you mean you will wanna add a fake account?
Steph*:: We'll meet up soon ok? (:
Shirl*:: Yeah!
JiaHui*:: My bf's gf. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Sounds weird
Guest23 :: Thanks! We'll chat again.
Sabbie*:: Really? We'll meet up soon ok?
Miki*:: Ok!

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