Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jojo*s 1st 4D

Day out with darling Vanessa* (:

Sorry darling to make you wait! SORRY!
Ok, alienJOJO* reporting.

Thanks Nick* for the breakfast (:

Met for supper. Chat with him a lil. Big sorry to JiaHui*!!!

Breakfast!! Lunch I mean.. Super yumyum. I think its madness to have 3 eggs for lunch only.

After the event at raffles, went to meet my musclewomen!
Her bf's house.
Can you believe this lazy dog is actually sleeping?

Lazy doggy! Bobby*

See? Sleep again..

The tiny Tiger*.

Poof!! My 1st 4D!!!
But never win. HAHA.

After that dinner, watch horror movie till we can't finish the food!
Will blog again soon! (:

Rumors:: Huh?
Dave*:: OK!
happyQUEEN:: Sorry la. ): Will meet you all soon!
Nick*:: No worries. What can be bad?
Guest:: From bodyshop (: The 4 colours one
UNDENIABLEPAST:: We shall see each other. HAHA
vogueindulge:: Dream about what? Must remember! Tell me when we meet up the next time! (:
Relfy*:: (: DARLING!!
Minmin*:: Long time no see. How are you? Call me when you are free ok? Cos my sms something wrong.

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