Sunday, November 25, 2007

in pain

Back! but i don't hav any pictures to share. sorry :(
plush`ed, sentosa`ed... ....
many things happened.
Won't have pictures of myself for the period of time
b'coz i am disfigured :(((((

don't ask me why.
i am just too dumb to get myself hurt.
bruise, cuts...
i can tell you, its my first time.
i am afraid. i won't go near anymore
hurt my face so badly and the cut in my mouth moving against my teeth.
it really hurt so much

i will get tru by myself.
i will be strong :)
getting a haircut to get a new and better start for myself all over again

Jensen*:: yup, i understand :)
aju*:: LAI ON YI!!!
Jevonne*:: okok! 2 more months!
LiKuan*:: no problem!
LHQ*:: ok! no prob!
Ping*:: you too! thanks!
Ben*:: okok!

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