Monday, October 08, 2007

Party girl - JOJO

Gotta blog often :) because i feel that i am forgetting about things that i wanna blog about.
tommorrow going for "work" and i am still awake, blogging

went for the roadshow for Gillette Fusion @ suntac
with Kelly* Chloe* and lin*

me and kelly. i look very tired. i wanna take more pictures with them :(

Mr.boyfriend when he is sweet. [[i help him with makeup in this pic, notice? =x]]

and Mr.boyfriend when he is @#$%^&*(^!.

finally got donuts from Donut factory. is it their name Donut factory? opps.
pictures of 2 cute lil-cats.

this was taken when i was walking home. It was sleeping next to the market, inside the old boxes.

this was taken in the MRT
cute right????

Pictures from
taken @ PLUSH

Taurus-romance, Capricorn-romance, Leon* and jas*

again, four of us plus Jensen* and Harry*

group photo. Actually theres 2 group photo. but as you can see the Capricorn-romance is pulling a long face, the other picture was WORST!

reply to butterfly kisses first :)
Capricorn-romance:: ya. very long hair. why 3 PEACE??? and you don't have to look at my blog to laugh, you can look into the mirror everyday and LAUGH!
Jamie*:: why can't take CK? no girls went? might be closing this or sth. will see which is better.
crystal*::really? but like a bit troublesome to reply when tag on CBOX
Jellyjo*::ohh..nv see you at all. :\
dERENCE*:: poke you back! Vin*s bro huh?? =) hello!
Van*::yup. but difficult to reply =( see you soon!!
Jevonne*::yup. so must tag more =P
soonyan*::sorrysorry. long time since i hear from you!! meet up soon!

sarcasm hurts even more when its from you. stop it
everything gotta go your way, maybe its just a small thing so you don't even see but it affects me so much.


JaMie<*3 said...

cos he quite self-centered that day la.. all were guys. no gals went.hey.. i'm still waiting for you to fill me in with why you nv come study with us at ms han's hse that time leh. you say will explain.. I'm stil waiting....... wait until my neck also long liao lo... later my neck injured you pay the medical fee is it? haha.. trying to be lame..

illusion said...
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illusion said...

nice pix~ still havent get to take neo-print with you//. i going to club this wed. i off on thursday! LOLx. i am so sry abt last night! i love you<333333

J.P said...

Hi Onyi,

i like your first pic. You look very pretty there :D

Poh Crystal said...

haha, if u put cbox den easier to reply..
easy for us to tag also =)

frankyraven said...

Hi Jojo.. me franky raven here.. how to u create a RSS in your blog?? like alot of links for people to choose and go click on it.. reply to my friendster thanks..