Wednesday, October 03, 2007

pictures (:

enjoy your NIGHT!! (:
with whosgoing and SEDUCTIVE™

the colourrrrrs

Edison* Harry* Nanny* & My Capricorn Romance*

ours :) RED

more pics. Road show for Gillette Fusion

JOJO* with pretty LiXue*

bored... so.....

lotsa expression! LOL
i was talking about this picture when i first see you in picture :)

thinking of putting a tagboard. easier for you to tag?? :)
Jamie*::thanks :) gotta meet you soon!!
Mabel*:: know her as one of the models. We only work together :)
Anonymous:: Photoshop
Nanny:: of coz funny. you both look so cute :)


安怡 said...
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安怡 said...

haha, i remember that pic, that pic is after clubbing go fetch mei mei to airport one...

and with that stupid buffalo..

that time my hair indeed very long..

JaMie<*3 said...

changing to CBOX? den next time leae msg here for u or CBOX? haha.. anyway..
u know there was a 4G gatherng e other day.. den jackson was complaining to me that they cant tahan CK and stuff... none of e gals went.. so all were guys and think all guys complained that they buay tahan CK.. haha.. i was like: Thank God i wasnt there, if not i'm gonna flare up." anyway.. meet up soon!!!! maybe with ain and mel.. i told ain we could celebrate her bday later.. when we can find a day to meet her out.. sms me k? take care<*3

Poh Crystal said...

yah.. put tagboard better..