Monday, May 05, 2008


Pictures =D MOS night with Edison*, Yusri* and his brother
Ahem!! The 2 bothers ask me for Jevonne*s number. They ask me to post it up on my blog.
Jevonne* so how?? Well, I think both of them from Jurong Q until don't know where already.

Today, went for the gym thingy then walk around

I look like an idiot. But he look nice, so I post it up.

Pretty place with memories that's to be forgotten.

Busy playing with his new toy

Taurus-romance =D

Monkey boss =D

blueberrySWEET:: Yvonne* ask why is your name blueberrySWEET. Cannot, mei ren yao already.
Osaris:: Not sure, don't feel like celebrating =( natural ugly`ness how?
Jevonne*:: da pi gu, how?? give them number can? LOL
Denise*:: No confidence to get into poly at all. I've got a flat nose or no nose at all. LOL
LiKuan*:: different la.. I need it badly
SoonYan*:: With your nose, you can't say anything ok! Your nose is perfect!! You won't know how I feel. Haha

Anyway, dear dear promise to bring me go drink. Forever, we'll nv meet. So, let see..

Don't think so much ya blueberrySWEET*

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