Friday, December 22, 2006

First few to watch DEATH NOTE 2

first few to watch Death Note 2 in Singapore
don understand why the Gala Premiere is so late
enjoy the show very much
hope to get its DVD when its out
wanna watch Death Note part 1!!!!

2 tickets not used
we've got 4 tickets
for Vampy, Relfy, hotHoney, ME
have the extra tickets last min when my hotHoney got it from his DJ friend
only saw 1 pretty actress
others are guys
only 1 seems to be most ke lian
4get his name
coz he waited for the cab in the taxi stand!!
one is very friendly but i also donno his name
anyways, really must go watch that show!!!

picture while i am really bored
nothing to do
just non-stop coughing

i donno why i am always hungry
my tummy gives u the hint

as i was packin my things
i found this la!! wahahaha
the person in the pic, with the auntie hair is me

the queens keep dancing behind me

X`mas present for GiGi*

soonyan*:: LOL..Kelyn* =x


Priscilla said...

May i know what font is that you're using for your last picture? it's cute :)
And you're really pretty =D
Anyway, merry christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

woo, smart girl. HEY,i love your last photo of the post. PRETTYYYYY!! i miss you la!! :D

Anonymous said...

HEYYA! I miss you babe! :D
Since so long since we meet up..
SOON kaes? :D

frankyraven said...

yeah your last photo so kawaii.. hehe hmm anyway merry x'mas, if free then call me on xmas day lo my number you have right ???

PS: anyway my number is 94232925 franky~

Relfy said...

oh my! the last pic very nice ^^ hehe

Cuiping said...

merry christmas! (;

Anonymous said...

hey Lao Po! i'm coming back soon!!! merry xmas & happy new yr! meet up soon k? btw... u look damn hot in those pics! hee...

Lao Gong