Saturday, December 02, 2006

Taurus Romance? forever it will be? will...?

went DXO with Relfy
to join jianWen*s cousin's party
kinda fun
took lotsa pics
reach home at 9
coz accompany Pin* until his skool starts
bet he is DEAD in class

went to meet alan* to pass in back his DVD.
b4 tt i went cycling with msHan* and classmate ex-classmates
he came and pick me up and went to report for his car racing on sunday
all the nice cars park at carparkA outside the closed stadium
went in for some talk
and also the 1st time to see so many nice cars tio summons
den he drove me to eat and da bao food home for the Queen

went to work
so hungry & tired now
Alan* again come to my work place
waited for me to drive me home

sorry to alan*
but i think i love him thats why i don like to msg or call anyone else
but him

he is not the one who come and see me at my work place but he is out with his friends
he is not the one who bring me to hav supper when i am hungry
he is not the one who call me when i need him so much
he is not the one who is there
he is not the one who love me only
he is not the one by my side anymore

maybe he is not in the beginning

frankyRaven::i am not a model =) my job is very clean one. Thank you for viewing my blog! x`mas will hope to spend with my love ones. anyway, my LaoGong is a girl and she have a BF
liRong*:: its ok!
Jevonne*:: so sorry!!!
Relfy*::YUP! love ya!


mabel said...

:) lalalala!!! LET's meet out soon. Anyway, I needa a job lah! LOL. cos my job is SUCKY. LOL...

FrankyRaven said...

Lol ok then take care dun make urself tired when u working..

so bernard got tell you abt the steamboat thingy?? hmm will confirm with you again..

da mao said...

where u working ah????? ooops. kiddin my dear. bought xmas present for u. but u seems to b MIA again. sooooo.. miss ya little asssssy

AnnABeLLe Ng said...

eh... i seem to c some1 talking abt me ar? hahaz... some1 thinks i'm a guy. that's so funny!

nahyieve said...

can i ask whr you work? hehe.... =x i havent got a job yet, so pathetic. =(

Jo said...

Why aren't you blogging :(

Joan (:

yVoN said...

u're my email pals too...
crazy! LOL o.0