Saturday, December 16, 2006

LOVE lesson

first of all

was bathin and thinkin
finally i learn or maybe i realise how to really treasure
i always say i did treasure
and yes
i did
but just for the things i must really thank someone deeply
but i realise
things i need to treasure and to appreciate is not only that
but everything i have

i appreciate him for everything he do
but i realise every problem of his is always sth i cause
just donno why
am i really that problematic?
am i really a trouble-maker?

i've made myself fall deeply
and u make me fall deeper
and till now
i am still loving you so deeply
6 months for u issn't a long period of time
but to me, this pass 6 months is the most precious lesson i've got in my life

Jevonne*:: LOLs
soonYan*:: =D wahahaha
jiaHao*:: ok..when i got the time ok? sorry
cuiPing*:: thankss !! =D
FrankyRaven::is it? i sound so despo in my blog? but i tot all abtmy blog is how someone loves me?? lol. Date me to?? ur cyber cafe?? oh ya.. haha.. they tell me u look a lot like chicken lil
Joan*:: my manager order it from japan. Singapore also have but not the real one =D


Jo said...

So cool... =) Very nice! :)

LI RONG said...


chener said...

hey, wad u blogging abt in ur this entry. hmmm. take care k? =D

FrankyRaven said...

I can feel you feeling down is sad and down hehe, hmm "they" tell you i look like chicken lil?? who say de ??? anyway wanna date out not to my cyber cafe i not working le.. wanna date you out on xmas day but i think xmas eve you will busy clubbing ?? xmas eve maybe go ktv pub but not ( MU, MOS, DXO, Zouk ) wanna relax only.. i hope to see you on that day(XMAS) ..