Monday, December 25, 2006


may all your wishes come true!!!

went Sakae Sushi with the Queen for x`mas celebration on x`mas eve =D

is it cute?? its call kisses @ Sakae

count down to x`mas at MOS
so so so many ppl!!!
so so so FUN!!
wish my girlfriends were there
anyway, faster reach 18!!! =DDD

Priscilla:: The font is 'tenbitrsch' if i am not wrong. Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
soonYan*:: haha.. shes smart! thanks =DDD
Mabel*:: wanted you to join me at MOS!!!! miss u too =D meet up real soon!!!
frankyraven:: merry x`mas
relfy:: thanks !
cuiPing*:: merry christmas!!! =D


Anonymous said...

:))) Next time ya? NICE pictures you had.

Anonymous said...


yVoN said...

ha relink eah? =)

Relfy said...

hey =o!
me elisa and vampy were discussing how to spend new year eve..
are u spending it with us anyway =o?

PinG said...

hey halox... hehe.... i tag you liao lerx..hehe... You look so pretty in the photo lorx.... haxhax... I fall in love in you liao lerx... haxhax.... Touch mahx???