Monday, December 11, 2006

thats JOJO

back to blogging! =D
don really rmb wad happened for the past 9 days
but still rmb wad happened last few days

6Dec`o6 - wed
went to his school and waited for his class to end

7Dec`o6 - thur
meet him after his school and ate pepper lunch
he was tired and i think we went home?

8Dec`o6 - fri
went back to his aunt's SPA and do my facial
after tt went to Jurong Point and got a woody for our babies
watch "Open Season" a damn woooHOO show!
haha.. anyway, Buudddyy~
whoever watches the movie will know wad am i talkin about

9Dec`o6 - Sat
when to meet him after his class with Benoni* YongTian* JongFoo*
ate pepper lunch again =D
went to FarEast ManJiaLe and have the mango coconut ice!
MUST TRY OK! veryvery nice
waited for him to close counter and we cab home
got Mac for supper and him drivin me out =D
getting fat

10Dec`o6 - Sun
bring babies home for my family
gave my family their X`mas gift
they don seems to be happy to see the gift but my babies
was honey who drove me back =D

Don really have nice photos to share recently
i will take more and will blog more often
Promise =)))

actually checking on my e-mails
coz its over crowding my account
and i started on GB`ing again
coz nv go look for job or maybe i should say i nv work for tt previous job anymore
look around in friendster
i've put more photos in my friendster
and i change my settings to everyone can view me
haha. No nice pics to share also no use =((
anyway,i wanna go to chalet soon!!

X`mas coming!!! anyone have any idea on how to celebrate??
teehheee~ so excited!!!

mabel*::ok! u've got a better job now ya?
FrankyRaven::er.. ya.. he just ask me.. did you tell me about the steamboat thingy. U both askin same questions
DaMao:: i am back. i working.. NO MORE
LaoGong::LOL.. anyway, ask me out soon please.HA
nahyieve:: up to u if u wanna work or not =D
Joan*:: nothing to blog recently but will blog often now! anyway, i don really like JayChou too =x and wheres ur blog????
MuscleWomen:: ya.. u mad


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by where's my blog? Url isit?


Yay! Keep blogging!

Loves, Joan

AnnABeLLe Ng said...

hehez... ok sure! i promise! i was really really bz la. i muz rush my project & i flying off 4 holi le. i wun spent xmas in SG. i'll rmb ur present! u muz enjoy urself k? i meet u next yr k? i'll be coming back on 31dec. take care lao po!

frankyraven said...

hello, so when u start sch?? confirm study in np ??? hehe.. nursing.. good good next time can find u treat me lol

da mao said...

dear i love ur present la. but the babies r really cute. they steal the egg's limelight... but i will open it soon!!! :D :D