Thursday, November 16, 2006

back from Batam [[FULL OF PHOTOS]]


he was packing and i am still sleeping

he wanna put it in his room

byebye Singapore!

Crazy guy but i like =x

Handsome right! of coz laa

he ask me to turn him into a fish with my nails

on the lil-bus on the rocky path

my FAVOURATE passion fruit

the fisherman

small cooking place

settle down

relaxing, doing their own things

the bait

living above the water

relaxing, dancing.. just enjoying

i am fishing

the meals there is like WTH ok!!! i miss i miss

middle of the Kelong, the big net

the transport to reach the Kelong



greetings on the wall
just outside the toilet

the fisherman's enermy

#o1 - our room

view from the inside

view from the outside

see me in the mirror?

fishing equipments

waiting for the poor fish to get hook

its going to rain

raining but still fishing


the rise of the sun above the horizon in the morning

wo men yao chu hai bu yu le!

his god-father with the fishes they caught

my handsome BF

majong time!

the most hardworking fisherman

messaging service

the net is heavy!!

see wads at the bottom?

this picture make me luff non-stop!
coz i was eating peanut and he ask me to throw one into his mouth
den i throw and it got into his hair xD

handsome bf caught a big and heavy pufferfish
its poison is all over it, so they let it go

really sweet and yummy sweet potato


is the sharkfin big enuff for you?

shark attack!


the one in the kitchen cooking the OMG food.. hope one day my BF can cook like him

byebye Keong! We are going to the 'NTUC' in Batam

unlike Singapore, they just pour everything in

i miss AandW!! the food there,so so so nice laa
and its also cheap!

sleeping on the ship way back to Singapore


when to the car show
wanted to watch the race
but meet the Queen and so, nv watch

3 curious boys

R1!! woot!

meet the queen and went to try on shoes
i think i've tried 10 pairs?
its the size or its dirty

after tt i brought this
cost me $119
i love it!

anyway, honey brought me a $50 bag for my gradNight
and i brought a new bikini for $30
some gift for my friends
i am so broke now

mabel*:: yup!! the world is so so so small.. or maybe i should say Singapore is very small =D
DaMao:: lol.. the KUKU head ah
nahyieve:: ohh.. only left with Science MCQ on the 20th.. so i am kinda having fun now =D
Joan*:: ya.. i have break from 10th till 20th which is my last paper.. the science MCQ


nahyieve said...

the skies are DAMN NICE. =(. sigh i want to take pictures like that too..

nahyieve said...

and btw, the fishes are HUGE! and the cars are b-e-a-utiful.

FrankyRaven said...

so good with a whole family go fishing and relaxing during their free time.. for me i will feel it very warm.. nice nice.. i like too~ the red fish so big now i feel like going fishing too~ but too bad working everyday~ haiz..

take care~~

vampy said...

someone look so bliss with her bf!
someone go holiday with her bf never say!
someone better have got me a present!
someone going to cry if someone didnt! =x

all i have to say is.. wheres my present? o.o
ps, that bike.. omgomg imma gonna STEAL it!! *hint hint* you can steal it for me as my present *wink wink* jkjk XD