Thursday, November 02, 2006

just because i love and i want more

for the post tt i wrote about him*
i realise
i am such a OMG OMG
coz maybe i wan Honey* to love me more
the reason is just because
i expect too much
but he is also the only BF who loves to quarrel and say sth opposite of wad i am tryin to say
all the quarrels make us stronger right?

look at this!
Wayne says:kk, i dun disturb u already k?
Wayne says:i love u so much and miss u so much also!!!
JOJO says:=)
Wayne says:alright
Wayne says:go sleep now k?
JOJO says:wait..
JOJO says:i blog sth 1st
Wayne says:ok
he is just so cute
and i am sure i love him =x

this day came
when someone talk shit about u, in YOUR BLOG
not feeling well now
don really know how to react

anyway, i NEVER tell anyone "i am so PRETTY/BEAUTIFUL!"
wads wrong with ugly people taking pictures and share?
is there a rule or its against the law?
are my pictures all over your room? ur house?
tt affects u so much when i just post pictures on my blog
you can just don come to my blog
anyway, thanks for the comment
i need this kinda comment to "push" my face to get prettier
i don mind you reminding me i am ugly
but please, if you want me to delete pictures from my blog
i don think theres a need to do it for you
coz theres a better choice
just don come to this blog

HoneyWAYNE*:: You have an ugly GF =D


LI RONG said...

hey onyi ! link me ya?
take care ! =)

mabel said...

ignore those comments.

Anonymous said...

=) take care. u know you're not ugly babe.

Relfy said...

hahahahaha -.-
now i read your blog
i feel kind of sian
all u do
is talk about your boyfriend o_o
i know u have other stuff to blog about
i`m sorry for saying that o.o
because looking at all your post
all is how much u love him
hahahahahahahaha o_o
sorry i feel so straight-forward

relfy said...

o.o i take back what i say
its your blog u can write wadever u wan..and blogging is suppose to be a happy thing
becox if its me i also won`t want pple to comment on wad i write
sorry xD

shawn said...

hello..that person must be blind..u look great^^

Anonymous said...

Jia you for Os!