Friday, November 10, 2006


YEAH!!! I am going to be CRAZZZY!
leaving to kelong tml if theres nth wrong with the plan or wad
anyway, is the cats cute?!?!
i saw it on the way home after meeting muscleWOMEN*
theres 2 cats in the pic!!
can't see right?
one of them is behind the tissue paper
LOVE them so much
the PAPA MAMA was beside them prepared to jump onto me if i move a step nearer

nahyieve:: ya! omg right?
jiaHao*:: i didn't change at all u see.. HAHA.. only the hair
chenEr*:: thanks mama!
relfy::sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!!!


mabel said...

WOO. you can have ALL the fun now. =) LOVE U to bits! spa indulge. HAHA! GO see the previous comment. I didn't know the world was sOooo small. HAHA. I'm laming.

da mao said...

wahhhh ur pri sch that post damn funny la!

nahyieve said...

o.o... your O lvls are done??? you mean you dont have history paper or science paper 1 to take? no POA? o.0!!!!!! i've still got two more to go... torturous might i add. sighhhhhhh.

Anonymous said...

How come your Os ended so fast? -.-