Wednesday, November 01, 2006

my heart is trying to tell me something

my heart is really trying to tell me something
i saw his friendster profile
i am JEALOUS? no, coz i don find a reason to be
maybe i just want someone like him
to love me the way he used to love me
i have this thinking, no one love me the way he do
maybe he didn't love me in the 1st place
but i feel the sweetness, the care, the love
i donno is it real or he is just a good robber
who rob my most precious LOVE away from my heart
thats why without him, i feel so empty
i am upset, because i am blogging about someone who "love" me because of revenge
and i am sorry to my Honey*
he is just different
he reads my blog
he calls me baby in front of people, not everybody
but his baby and urs is different

sometimes i hope a guy will come to me who..
loves me like princeB* do[[b4 he got another gf]]
reads and tag my blog everyday like him*[[but not for revenge]]
go out with every of my GFs like him*[[but not for knowing more for easier revenge]]
pamper me like HONEY*

sometimes i think i am expecting too too too damn much
i am sorry
or maybe its because
i am not over him?

catherine*::thanks.. maybe its b'coz i 've been thinking and expecting too much

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