Wednesday, November 08, 2006

will there still be... us?

is he the one who make up some story?
i just can't believe that you simply 4get about everything
why i care so much is b'coz
wad i know from him is that wad u both chat about
is sth to the end of us
sth tt makes me suffer

it doesn't mean tt i believe him
i just prepare for the worst

shawn*::sushi is really nice.. haha.. i tag`ed!

now, what are we?


relfy said...

i wish i was a kid too

Wayne said...

...i'd just like to let you know... that night, was like many other nights i've had in my life... a night of drinking and fun. maybe i was a little egotistical and i said something to him that seemed like i wasn't serious with you or something like that. but like what i said, it was coming out of my ego. not out of my heart. u would rather let someone u known for a night, say something and just ruin our relationship like that. is his word over a night of drinking more valuable than the past 4 months+ that we've had? if you think that i cannot be trusted, if u think that you don't feel secure with me, then i don't know what i can do to win your trust anymore. if u think that you will suffer at the end, then so be it. but i know i put alot of effort, love and trust into our relationship. you ended this relationship urself this time around cause you don't trust me. and that is the problem that's been going on since the start of the relationship. you don't trust me. so there's nothing i can do anymore. cause at the end of the day, you may love me, but you don't trust me. i still wanna be with you, but if you don't trust me, then there wouldn't be any point in us being together cause u will always have doubts about my feelings for you. you go decide on the fate between us. decide for yourself and let me know.

shawn said...

..ellos..thks droppin by my sry put u as stranger..dun realli know u well..but i wish not extra la..sometimes extra ppls are good...extra extra..good good..lols..ya so come by often..