Thursday, November 02, 2006

LOVEs+KISSes+HUGs = JOJO`s heart

Honey* bring me to fish at japanese garden
got sunBurnt den leave for HalloweenParty!


yesterday,Honey* went to fareast den came and look for me
alto to me, maybe its just a simple thing coz i always go to jurong and look for him
but i think to him is a big deal?
i really appreciate =D thanks honey*

they say Taurus babies are very NOT romantic*


Anonymous said...

You're so fucking ugly. Do us all a favor and remove your pictures!

Wayne said...

somebody jealous wan to kao pei so much. please la, got the balls post ur pic also lor. let me have a good laugh alright? stupid whor3!

Anonymous said...

Wah lao Anonymous... you're super insecure can. Ppl more good looking than you then you scold ppl... LOL (: Put your name down lor... then don't ever come back to stalk ppl's blog mah. Who knows, maybe you're actually secretly keeping her pics and using them. Want ppl to think that you're very pretty like her huh? Wahahaha... you must be quite ugly then? Insecure, insecure, INSECURE!


Don't worry Onyi, you're not ugly and you know that! Your bf also knows that! No worries man!

JOAN! (:

Anonymous said...

wa my god. i cant imagine that there is such person who dare to same ppl ugly and yet, dont even dare to write down name. if you say she is ugly, then show us your 'pretty' picture and let us admire la. haha. maybe we'll try our best to lie even we know we cant. Onyi, you pretty la. Dont care what others say. Your friends love looking at your pictures that you post in your blog. And we think you're pretty. I bet your bf will think so too. So, who cares (:

Anonymous said...

you're pretty.

mabel said...

YEAH! Someone is just jealous. Please make your name and picture known to everyone. Stop being "scared".
Onyi is pretty.definitely beautiful.
And I believe you're not. HAHA.
Just be yourself. If you wanna tag, PEN DOWN YOUR NAME.

Crystal said...

onyi is a pretty gal.
only an idiot saes she is ugly.
and tat idiot himself/herself mus be a freak.