Monday, November 06, 2006

Final weekend before O`level Examination

sorry for the boring post recently
trying to find something to blog about
but u see, i am kinda preparing and studying for Os
not really studying hard but ya, still reading tru my books =D
so, sorry for all the boring stuff of my bf and my life
hope this post won't be tt bored for you ya?

the baby cost $35 each and this cost $20 each
so we brought 2 of this bigger ones
and wait for them to have the smaller ones

its a damn fast and nice car, just like wad u see in the movie

happening at MOMO on 4 November

only had 2 hours of sleep and leave to help out for the SPA at CityHall

Joan* soonYan* Mabel*:: thanks =D haha!
LiRong*:: ok =)
mabel*:: haha.. okok =D thanks!!
Joan*:: thanks =) wonder is tt you who post the other comment?
relfy:: sorry, coz i really have no life this past few weeks
Shawn*:: thanks =)

muscleWOMEN* got hooked on a handsome hunk
all the best ah! =D LOVEs
GiGi* is in love
sweet sweet!!
all my girls have TAO HUA YUN now =D
feel love all over the place


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

haha i deleted coz i haven type finish then accidentally publish ... LOL anyway.. even how handsome he is .. NOT MINE! sad can.. ha

relfy said...

no la don`t lidat say O_O
i will feel guilty for commenting but i don`t meant that way..

Anonymous said...

Hello! Nice pics as usual...


Whenever i tag i'll leave my name... so those without names aren't me actually (:


JOAN! (:

shawn said...

agreed nice pics as usual hahas

..dats hamsters? they bite..>.<

chener said...

hope u are doing fine. =D

Catherine said...

you look sweet in your last pic. :D:D

mabel said...

SPA INDLUGE? My cousin works there. at clarke quay area!! OMG! wah! It is a pretty pretty place! i went there too. WOO! =) pretty!!!