Monday, October 23, 2006


make some sushi for my Honey,muscleWOMEN* & jevonne*
wanted to make some for the girl sittin next to me* Mr.Lim`s soonYan*
but nv see her

yesterday went to shaw tower den to IKEA at queenstown

on my way home i saw kittys
so the Queen ask me to tell TA* [[Honey chicken bao*]] to come and take them home
so after her work
she came

the 2 black kittens are so CUTE!!
she bring xie xie* be be* and zu chiong fun* home
i miss them so much!!!

mr.LIM`s::i hope so =] thanks
vampy:: ya.. i think so too
relfy:: thanks! take care!!
LiPing*::really.. the way u act and everyti.. ok.. link u
jevonne*:: welcome =)
joan*:: very shocked u were here! thanks! u've stop blogg`ing?
crystal*::okok =D wil relink


Anonymous said...

WA. SUSHI! i wanttttttt )):

AnnABeLLe said...

I WANT SUSHI OSO! HMPH! u nv make 4 ur lao gong 1! sigh... i so sad. my lao po dun1 me liao. :(

cuiping said...

nice pics you've got there! do blog more often. :D

Anonymous said...

Everyone's reaction same de... Lol!

Yah, i've stopped. I'll get one soon tho. But that'll be after Os lah! Wahahaha...

So till then, you guys keep blogging k!!!

Take care!!! ^^


mabel said...

HAHA! sushi!! wah! I ALSO WANT LEH! =)
wee!! LOVE ur pictures.