Sunday, April 01, 2007

still photos not up!

Can't wait to view the pictures we took on SoonYan*s birthday!

Didn't sleep last night and around 4a.m, D.K and me prepare to go and have our breakfast. Talk talk awhile and went home at around 10a.m and sleep for awhile, wanted to go PlazaSing to do some shopping. Mabel* ask me out to hav dinner together with SoonYan* and LiPing* , MuscleWomen ask to meet up. so at the end i went to shop at parkway with the Queen and meet muscleWomen after tt. Brought things i wanted long ago :) i wanna take lotsa photos!! Nice pictures gives me a BIG BIG SMILE :D
i wanna try new makeup! wanna try fake eyelash! anyone willing to teach me? =x

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Jas said...

Hey Hey. Very nice pics. Pretty as always : )