Friday, May 04, 2007

think =/

clubbing at MS a few days back :) with my darling and her school friends. and ya, sorry darling!

Queen brought me this for birthday. HAHA. to slim down!

today went to have fish & co with my LaoGong annabelle* and secondary school friends :) and after awhile my darling vanessa* came!took this at cathay. Got my ice-cream for the day at ManJiaLe-FullHouse :)

the past pictures. sweet? :) mr.clown, hope u don't mind me posting this up =X

anyway, i changed my blog song.. which one u all like more?? i will switch to anyone :)
this song is also from the 200 pounds beauty

j0jelly:: Thanks :) i will try to update more like maybe 2 days 1 post? coz my com is always auto-sleeping.. so can't really blog properly.. but i will try my best to POST POST POST~!! :)
Jevonne*:: okok. i will at least tag one message when i step into ur blog. the prawning thingy, only a few prawns r "tagged" so its like lucky draw like tt :)
yvonne*:: i SMILE when i saw ur tag! how u get online????
Oracle:: yup. it has this lucky draw thingy like once a week. sunday if i am not wrong :)


Anonymous said...

What camera you use?

kittycaht said...

Heya... I found your blog randomly through technorati.. I'm a blogger from Hawaii :) Just wanted to say that you are so cute! What nationality are you? check out my site .. I'll look through your blog more tommorow and maybe link you :)


Anonymous said...

hey wad foundation u using

jiahao said...

you slim down le leh..

j0jelly said...

you're not even fat! i don't think my com auto sleeps, but i do :P i'm always auto sleeping :D