Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to workkkkkkkkk!!!

I am back to work @ FarEast ManJiaLe-FullHouse!

My Pretty LadyBoss

and i went to the other outlet at cathay to have my lunch!! yum!!!

and of coz, not forgetting my ICE-CREAM!!!!

we've got this PeachTea [[ TaoHuaShui ]]. after you drink you will have a lot of TaoHua [[meaning luck in love if i am not wrong]] =)) so come and buy it!!! =DDD

kinda tired after work. so gotta sleep early tonight! good night everyone!!

JiaHao*:: ok i believe :)
Wilson*::thanks!! truely love all your messages too!!
JOjelly*::ohh.. ic...ok~
Jevonne*:: hmmm.. ok.. =D
Jamie*:: ya i think i look older too! I don't dye my hair girl~ and its my real hair. your birthday ah!! i working. =x


JaMie<*3 said...
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JaMie<*3 said...

awwww~ how i wish u can come along~~~ we long nv go out liao leh~~~since e celebrate ur bday tat time~~~~

da mao said...

hey i found out somethin. u haven change my link.. it is stil the old blog! :(

anonymous. said...

Where did you rebond your hair and how much is it? thanks

Wilson said...

WOW! Classic tasty Ice-creams! Lunch looks superb oso! Yet, JOJO's will always be the most yummylicious dessert ever! Hehe! Do take lotsa loving care ya, try not to overworked.. drink plenty of water and rest when ya can. Muacckzz for Angelic Princess JOJO!HEHE! =)

Anonymous said...

wad brand of mask are u using, mind telling?