Tuesday, May 22, 2007

SWEETdream :)))))

I can't upload pictures again :( nvm. will upload ASAP!

anyway, here to blog about a SWEET SWEET dream i've got last night. dreamt of someone i wanted him back very badly, he suddenly call me and ask me out to ECP. so i met him there and he hug me and ask me back! and.. HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!! so disappointed when i woke up knowing its just a dream... anyway, it boring but for me its just so awwww~ SWEET~ but after soo soo soooo long, finally got over him, this dream appear. haisssss

JOjelly::thanks!! :D
jiaHao*:: really or not?

jevonne*:: thanks! yup! meet up soon. sorry for this 2 nights wasn't free
J.P:: thanks!
jas*:: thanks!
wilson*:: thanks. but wells, it turn out to be not wad i expected for my 18th bday
Crystal*::thanks! :)


j0jelly said...

BOO! frightened you didn't i?

daYdReamInG gAL said...

is e someone WL? or someone else whom u nv update me one??? haha~