Saturday, May 05, 2007

normal and happy life :)

Woke up early today actually going to fareast to help Jocelyn* for her make-up but she was not feeling well. so the Queen and i went for early morning shopping instead!!

and of coz i brought myself something. i brought some hair bands.

so what do you think? Short or Longggg??

Anonymous::a very old Sanyo camera. Sanyo Xacti, 3.2 megapixel
kittycaht:: i am veryvery shocked that you actually tag`ed me!!thanks! you are very pretty! i know you before you tag`ed coz i saw your videos on YOUTUBE some time ago. i am from hongkong :)

Anonymous:: i am using Maybelline Dream Matte mousse
JiaHao::really????? :D
jojelly:: HAHA. i am fatter compared to last time..

anyway, i am going fishing tonight, will come up with more pictures ASAP! :)


Jevonne said...

OOpse, i forgot to tag for the previous post. :/ But nevermind! I'm here again! Lol. i think you look nice in short hair!

Wilson said...

Ultimately the most gorgeous alwiz! Unbeatable now & 4ever! JOJO,Queen of princess 4life! Super! Super! Super! Loveable & most Amazing gurl! XD.. hehehe muackZZ!!

j0jelly said...

you look cute with short hair :D i like the wings...angelic :) LOLS

daYdReamInG gAL said...

eh~ u short also nice leh~ i mean not e super short kind la~ e middle middle kind~ still nice lo~

daYdReamInG gAL said...

sorry~ i mean ur hair short~haha~ short of one word~