Friday, June 08, 2007


so sorry for not blogging. kinda busy now-ah-days. will be posting up pictures when i've got the time :) still working at fareast. so tired! anyway, byebye to Mr. ahbee-noni, he is flying away from singapore for 18 days for his army. will see you after i get back from HK! TAKE CARE!

Jamie*:: yup. will see u all soon!!
DaMao:: forget to change. will change when i've the time ok?
anonymous.:: pivot point[[not sure if its spelled this way]] like around $100 if i am not wrong :)
Wilson*::thanks! :DD really love to see your tags
Anonymous:: it was last yr since i play with mask thingys. don't remember the brand already. so sorry


JaMie<*3 said...

okok~ enjoy urself wor~ take care too~ <*3

Anonymous said...

where is it?

Anonymous said...

where is it?

Anonymous said...

hey, i m darren's fren, stanley. I was the one who ask darren to ask u for ur contact.btw, u have a nice blog and i hope that we can be friends....if u dun mind, can we keep in contact by e-mail or sumting?? my email:
hope to hear from u soon....cya...take care...

Jevonne said...

:) yay, on the 12th k! :D

frankyraven said...

Hi sweety, long time no tag with you liao le.. look likes got people wanna have ur contact sia.. haha.. if u can gif him why i dun have lol.. nah kidding de..

so your working place, you serve customers or ??? they still people for cooking de ma ??? i wanna learn more in cooking..

btw hor ur working hours is abt what time to when ??? i someother days come with bernard & his gf and i bring a "gal" fren go also

But hor got discount ma ??

Take care ! dun get sick !

Momo -

Wilson said...

Heartiest Huggies & Muackkzies dearie as you travel to and in Hong Kong! Have the best fun ever ya! Do upload all the J.J stylish and gorgeous adventurous cutesy photos oso!Haha! Cheers! =)