Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sex And The City 2 - Movie Date 1June`2010

Meet up with Chrishirl, Shan, Annabelle and Xavier for the Sex And The City2!!

3 of us. Jojo, Chrishirl, Shan!
Never once Annabelle is early!!
Miss out the fun!

Chrishirl the hungry pig, see the menu so happy.

Waiting for the makan to come.

Both of your eyes very round eh!

After that, Shan asked Shirl, why her mouth is always open when taking pictures.
So she answer,

See my face when I close my mouth?

And it looks slim when I open my mouth!!

Anyways, got nothing much to say. Enjoy the pictures!

I've got so many photos to blog!
I'm going be more hardworking!

Superman : (: Ya, I don't deny!
LiKuan : You're not the only one that is saying this. Photos needa Q up. Too many already!
GuestCandy : Thanks for coming to my blog (: Welcome your "a lot of friends" to comment too!
GuestHerbalTea : HA! :D
Guest : I totally don't get what you were trying to say. Whats stady? You mean the old school "STEADY" that ah lian/beng used?

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