Monday, June 07, 2010

Manhunt 2010

26 May 2010, Manhunt Summer Swim Preview and its also my chinese birthday!
Got a surprise cake from my queen and my sis. Thank you so much!!
After that, I went to heeren for the Manhunt swimwear preview to support Superman!

Luckily I saw Richard there and he bring me to the show.
And just nice Xavier Hu was the one who is doing the catwalk!!

I was standing at the steps where they climb up and down the stage.
Superman was blind. He didn't see me. LOL!

He finally notice me!!
(The front roll of the seats.)

Jovin Koh - Mr Singapore 2008!! (I forgot which award he was getting there.)

Group photo!!!

5 May 2010 - Manhunt Finals @ Heeren

Look at them!!!!
I think that guys with only a pair of jeans are super sexy.

Mr Xavier Hu's arms are super heavy. LOL!

Look like Victor Chen? I really like superman's act handsome face! =D

Manhunt 2010 4th Runner-Up,
Best Style Male Model 2010 by Sportsmenasia.

Finally everything has ended (:
Time for makan after a long day!

Squid ink pasta! I don't remember having it before.
Its like so BLACK, not attractive to me. HAHA. But it was goooood!
But the lips, teeth, tongue... Its all BLACK.

Adding some cheeze.. Even better!

Super like! Super cute! XHXH. LOL

After trying the pasta, without cleaning your tongue.

Appetizer that came after he finished his pasta.

Act only!

This is real. Look at the difference. HAHAHAHAHA!

*The professional pictures are from Xavier Hu's facebook. (:
Cos I didn't take pictures when he was up on stage.*

Superman : No problem! Hope you like the post (: And trust me, you're super gay!
Chrishirl : You're like more romantic!
LiKuan : We get to see each other on Sat!!! (:



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