Friday, May 28, 2010

Gallery Hotel Celebration

Surprise yellow birthday celebration

Superman met me at the Gallery Hotel.
He brought me up and ask me to close my eyes.
Feeling excited.
I tried to peep but I cannot see a thing.
No lights and I've got night blindness.

And when he say its done, I open my eyes!

HAPPYBirthday to me!
You know why HAPPY so big?
Cos Superman wants me to be happy. (:
Thanks Superman!

Pretty yellow balloons! I wonder how big is his lungs! :D

Why is the TV so big but the image so small? HAHAHA!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ Pretty pretty view!

Tired Superman! Preparing so many things b4 I came!

Superman's birthday kiss (:

My new name is BIG HEAD.

Hmmm.... Whats this?

Finally I get to eat bak kut teh, next to the old Double O, since don't know when.

After dinner, waiting for his friends to finish dinner. I've got my present!!!

Night view of the pretty river.

Look at his arms. Bigger den my face!

About this birthday cake...
I was like exploring the room,
I open everything and I saw the cake(Which is suppose to be a surprise, Opps!)
(Now I'm typing this entry, I remember very long time ago Superman asked what cake I like! And I said I don't like sweet stuff but I like ice-cream cake. And he dn't understand what am I talking about.)

Finally 21!!!!!


Superman is really gay, trust me!

Tiny, I feed you!

He feel sinful as you can see, he ate that big part of the cake! So he feed me.

In the end, he is so gay that he keep bitching about it..
"I fucking ate about 400g of Swensen's Mixed Berry ice-cream cake at NIGHT! "

Drink drank don't drunk! :D

About to check out.

Bye bye my lovely yellowz!

Happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you so much for the celebration. Really love it. Thank you Superman.

Kim :: Your wedding was fantastic! (: Just SMS me if you wanna meet me! I'm not working and all!
Michiyo :: Yeap!
Guest Z :: Freshlook sterling gray. (: 3 tones if I'm not wrong.

Anyway, ask me questions if you wanna know more about me!

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wad camera are u using?