Monday, May 24, 2010

Kim & Patrick's Wedding

Its always so nice to see your friends getting married, graduating, having their babies, stepping into the next level of their life...

Its KIM'S turn!!!! :D She is now marrieddddddddddd!!

Congrats KIM TONG!!!
The girl thats always super blur, super cute!!!
She loves her Peanut(Her dog) soooooooooo much.
Cos of Peanut, they decided to have their wedding picture taken in Singapore.
HAHAH! So that Peanut can join the shoot.

Kim & Marvin.
Notice Marv and I, both in purple?
Their wedding's theme is pink and purple.


The pretty bride!

Our table. (: Was still wondering who are the strangers that are going to sit with us.


The purplez!

Yeah! It was Angela, Junna and Priscilla!!!

There was a Ang Bao on the table, each of us has one.
Inside was 4D!! LOL.
Starting of the ceremony, they announce the winning numbers.
Mine is not even near any numbers. HAHAHA!

Yum yum is here. Eat first!!!

Jojo, Angela, Kav! The night safari crew!

Jojo & Kav (: Need to meet up again soon!!!

This photo... The making of another photo. HAHAHAHAHA!

Wesley :: HELLO!
AikMeng :: Happy belated birthday to you too! :D

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