Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5May`2010 Butter Cookies - The New Recipe Launch Event

I'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Too many photos, too lil time!

The Queen and I (:

My new shoes!! RAT!! Cute uh!

For my birthday. :D Thanks

Met up with my primary school darlings!


Mimi (:

And the rest! (:

Went outside to chill with my darlings after that.
Was a great night afterall!

Xavier*:: NOOB! But its really nice to see your tag (:
Edwiana*:: =D He is Xavier's poly mate if I'm not wrong?
Lina*:: HAHAHA! Its the NS enlistment!
Guest :: Are you talking about me? HAHAHAHA! THANKS!
LiKuan* :: BAOBEI!!! ♥ you back!

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Christine said...

Hi, may I know where did you bought your star necklace?