Friday, March 21, 2008

Special thanks

After the previous post, guess what? I was so so so shocked
The 1st person who SMS me is.. Some one that is not that close with me, someone that I know from some stupid past.

Kelly, thank you. Your message really shocked me :) but it cheer me up quite a lot.
Maybe you are going tru something similar to my situation.. lets cheer up :)

Haha, somehow i find it weird that we can be friends because, same thing that happened to us in the past is happening again, NOW. But a bit different, me and you isn't enermy :) But just to let you know, you are the only good thing that TA*(rmb?) "gave" me.
Nice knowing you :D

Anyway, thanks to Vanessa* who called me also :) and the rest of you who tag. THANK YOU!
Feel so much better.

Feel kinda drunk now. So only upload some of my webcam pictures. :DDD sorry ah, I just like my face all over my blog. OH YA!!! MY OLD CAMERA SUDDENLY CAME TO LIFE AGAIN!!heh heh heh~ I am going to take soooooooooooooooooooooo many pictures!!!

Ya la. ugly romance la.

I LOVE my blog ok!

The picture up next is rated M18. So if you are underage, please close your eyes.


Baby,Don't say I never post your picture ok?!

LiRong*:: thanks. will link you too!
LiKuan*:: Thanks. Your tag really *SLAP* and wake me up from being bu4 zhi1 zhu2.
Jackson*:: donnot. maybe nafa, most prob is ITE. LOL
Jevonne*:: thanks. thanks for last night too!!

Late by one day.
But i will blog about it tomorrow

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