Monday, March 10, 2008

Random :D

When to have lunch few days back and ate a few special dishes!
A normal bun i usually eat taste sweet but it contains BBQ pork!
And it taste so nice!

This is also a very special dish.
Zhu chang fen, i donno wha is it called in english.
but its filling are scallops
so so so yummy!!

Took some pictures from my aunt's camera
She took some kitty's picture
will post them up slowly :)
here comes a very very cute cat!!

jackson*:: i told you i never work already..
Kelly*:: haha. tell me i look fierce!
Vin*:: ya la!!!! Yes, say i can't look fierce right. i so pissed off that day, you all still say i don't look angry!
ajuna*:: hello :)
LiKuan*:: what so different hmm?? :)

my pretty muscleWOMEN

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