Wednesday, March 26, 2008

injured Queen

The Queen injured her eye. There is a lil hole at her cornea. Before that she hurt her cornea before but now, the wound is open again. Poor Queen. So.... Its JOJO cooking time!

The queen. resting

Which camera man? LOL

The right side of the ginger is cut by me. The queen saw it and so, she cut them herself. :( but at the end I still pass the test :D

Rice!! Potato rice!!

Taadaaarrr~ With chicken wings, egg with tomato, potato, veg, AND CALLED THE WONDER SAUCE!! :D
All done by me. Only the wings are marinated by the Queen.
:D All of us are happy :D:D:D

After eating, he vomit`ed. :( nvm.. be soo happy to be the 1st who eat a meal fully cooked by me, successfully, OK?!!

Oraclesis :: ??
Likuan*:: yea! tomolo ah! Kbox ah!
jackson*:: thanks. But I am not angry :)

The previous post is not to my close friends like Jevonne* Yvonne*..not to anyone that came and talk to me, but to people who come and stalk on my blog. To you,"Smell farts everywhere you go." lOL. I am meanieee

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Anonymous said...

Dearest JoJo is still and alwiz will be the coolest awesome gal you will ever know.. there's no doubts or question about it! take care angel.. you RoCkz! cheers!