Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well wel, thats life

Wells, so many words I wanna scream.
So many things I've see.
So many things I've heard,which is hard to know which is true.
So many dreams thats so real.
Makes my life change.

So many things I wanna scream but I donn't how to phrase and voice out.
(so don't tag me about this, talk to me on msn)
Sometime because I donno what is the real truth, so I don't wanna say anything.
But after that, things I've heard is true, its saddening.
Although this thing is happening maybe because of someone who I've talk to only twice.
Well... yes, this is childish but still, its happening. I never even thought this would happen at my this age. I don't hope it to happen. But I've heard what others are telling me, I will try to see if this time I am right again.

Why I am blogging about this is because I know something is going to happen.
Yes it will affect me.

Thing i've dream about, and shows I've watch (ok, it sounds stupid)
makes me wanna treasure everyone around me

But its impossible to satisfy everybody right?
Thats how hard life is.

Maybe writting on blog is wrong because to write and let no one misinterpret even a small paragraph of text is almost impossible.

Not trying to be emo.
To lost someone who is giving me trouble is ok, but this someone is even trying to make me lost people that who deserve to be treasure by me. What can I do?

I am not someone who like to talk things out anymore.

Baby:: Tranny. LOL
LiKuan*:: haha. thanks. OK loh like that say means i always angry la!
Jackson*:: thanks!
Michiyo*:: huh? sorry i don't understand.. which course you in huh? but i register already, can't change already. Anyway, i hope we can meet up soon to talk more too! (read your blog!!)

no photos sorry!

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