Friday, March 28, 2008

Yea, I am selfish

If you think i am wrong, just go your way. But don't regret for not listening.
Things are happening over and over again, when you wanna quarrel, ask your mum to call me just to scare me and your mum simply ask, how much did I pay for the bag. Use your bro's msn. What more you wanna do? everything is happening over and over again... Tell me who is childish when I just stay at home. Childish you calling me?

Told you to have a peaceful break, you don't want, you want another chance again. How many chances have i given? I know what you are going to do next. You just can't take it that it was me that wanna let go. You will do something harmful, mentally and physically. I know it.. How I hope you treat me like her, just MIA.

Sorry for beinging mean. Maybe lotsa people will hate me coz of just listening to your story, but still, thats the path I choose. I won't regret.

I never regret letting you go, just a bit regret that I still treat you as a good friend.
Don't do anything harmful, coz I've said don't regret.

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