Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cafe' Cartel

Cafe' Cartel @n PS on baby's off day :)

Baby, thanks for the day. Its really GREAT!! To me its a expensive coz we are still not earning a lot. What if I got hooked on the food? ( luckily I didn't ) Well, Don't so she chi, if you know what it mean.

Well, some of the food was nice, but suddenly our side blackout. LOL. The food was served but without any fork and spoon. There is a few stupid and chidish people in the shop. They hire china people, and the stupid people just keep saying, why are they speaking chinese? The other one reply, this is Singapore WHAT.. Omg, don't act like you are what ang moh or something can?!?! Long hair guy who looks like shyt.

Anyway, it was stil a very nice day with baby, just never think of anything happening around us.

Started to take picture of baby..... .......

Please give me a better face... ..

OK! This is so... whats with your eyes???

Finally, thats the best I've got. xD

Well, after that we went for movie. The water hose ( thats what baby call it )
Water horse la!!!!
Very cute show, but everyone next to me like as if they are watchin horror movie coz the sound and the way they show it feels creepy.

After so long, since 28 last month, my aunt, JiuMu and my baby cousin SzeSze* were staying at my small lil house. Whole house is fill with laughter everyday, i started to go home very early, sleep very early, go out with family often. Coz SzeSze* and my aunt sleeps with me, and I started to listen to classical music to sleep.... Now, they are going back.. tomorrow morning.

BYE.. Pretty aunt Betty*, cute SzeSze* and my blur-silly JiuMu..
Will post their pictures up when I am free.. Coz its time for me to sleep and send them back tomorrow early morning.

LOL! I was away from here for a while, my aunt trying to teach me how to.. is it call hand stand? the one with the leg up. SOOO COOL. coz i am too stupid to even try =P

MuscleWomen:: okok!
LiKuan*:: Sorry, misunderstood! You see my angry face before right????

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