Thursday, April 24, 2008

The world is so small

No pictures today. All with monkey boss.
Anyway, there is this person who used to hit the jackpot of what I am thinking
He msg me in WG. Telling me to hang on there when i think he saw my blog.

So today, coz of some prob, I went to Tanglin police station.
And there is this police talk to monkey and tell him that he watch his shuffle video.
LOL. I thought it was so funny.

When I get back home, I realise they are both the same person.
So OMG can?!?!!
Okok. Singapore is small. And who the hell will think that I would go to Tanglin police station??

Anyway, thanks Chris* for driving around.
Thanks monkey BOSS for helping. I feel so bad!

Well well. things affected me. Sorry, I am in a bad mood. Too many things to think.
I think I need you, quite badly. And I don't know why

blueberrySweet:: Work place come my blog =D
Jeannie*:: okok! will call you soon!
Osaris:: not really, just luck
jackson:*:: ok
Jevonne*:: haha. pretty la. crazy
Miki*:: Lazy to make it smaller. haha

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