Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mixed up

Finally, I re-new my ATM card. Thanks for helping me check online.
We went into the shopping mall and the bank has this close sign hanging already.
So, lucky to have a ah beng, he just go in. Ok la, actually he ask them nicely =)
everything done by him, thanks =D

Finally again, I went to kbox =)
And its the 1st time I sing all the way, coz chris* shy
After that, waited like going 1 hour for cab!!
Cab drove in, when they reach us, they are on call
Or else hired
So, we walk to the taxi stand, happily seeing the taxi sign
But guess what?

Uncle sleeping inside =(
Thats all... isn't in the right mood

blueberrySWEET :: (= someone scold me for my Queen hor? The song, it was the past. How you know I am sleeping?
Osaris:: I hope so, or maybe what you see is just the surface.
Denise*:: Never. =( heh. not ike I never see you in real before.
Jackson*:: ad here huh.. thanks anyway
Jovi*:: oh. bully la! Haha, I don't know yet =P Anyway, all the best for ur studies!
Steph*:: Thanks. ok.
Likuan*:: Coz too stupid
Peek a boo:: LOL. smell like cine. you arh?

Reply to commentz

Anonymous :: Who is the lucky guy or girl? who are you to ask =P sorry, don't like to entertain anons
Jesterina*:: =) now, I know. and you are so smart =DDD Thanks

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Jesterina said...

Got mood post more. Always there to read.