Thursday, April 24, 2008

So sleepy

This morning, smile`ing all the way coz of.. heh
Although I feel kinda sick but still, in quite a good mood. You know why :)
Until, don't bother to talk about that anyway =) I am still smile`ing
Now I know by using firefox, my blog looks ugly =(
Will try to take more pictures and post =D

Blog this to tell LiKuan* that she is such a random sweetie =D
She miss me going to the toilet when I was still in the same class as her.
LOL. How sweet. I miss those days too!

Template updated. Stop nagging xD

Osaris:: Yup. Writting it somewhere and only share with the close ones really works =)
blueberrySWEET:: Thats your promise. Don't break it =)

Just so sweet =) so if you know I am talking about you, don't act stupid and ask me ok?

1 comment:

Blueberry said...

HAha.. I want you to tell me myself that why i will ask. :)

A promise, Wun break it.

Cheers always ya:) happy go lucky..:)