Wednesday, April 23, 2008

east coast park with Chris* and Jevonne*

Gee. Just came back from ECP =D
with Jevonne* and Chris*

Finally I've got chicken wings!!!
Wanton mee was nice too. But too spicy

Chris* trying very hard. LOL

The happy Jevonne* 1st to win the CJ7.

Chris* got this =D and its yellow!!!

After awhile I got 2 more. Different colours

Gee.. cute right?? The white one is still inside, so one day I'll bring it home also.

Was sitting at the beach. ECP lotsa memories.
To me, and also to Jevonne*
Anyway, message to a few...
Jevonne* don't know if its right to bring you there. Well, cheer up!!
Chris*, sorry.. Don't know if I am too straight forward towards answering your questions.

Well well, Mdm Jerbong* said that if i never sleep early, she will da wo pi gu till I become ba zhang. So.. Nights!!!

blueberrySWEET:: Thanks. I know and I really appreciate that. But how long you will be here?
Osaris:: Thanks. Thanks for the support!!

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Jesterina:: gee.. Thanks! =D

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