Friday, April 18, 2008

Jurong Hill

Went to Jurong Hill and chill.
LaoGong* have not send me the photos of mos yet, I will post only if I've got them all.
Will post pictures of Jurong hill

The view from on top (= so pretty
So refreshing. The wind blow away all my stupid thoughts.

Introducing Chris - CJD* LOL
say hello

Say i emo, you then emo

Shuffle shuffle. hehh

Photographer of the night, Edison - LJZ*

Aka zi lian monkey king

Hehh. Bottle very nice right? Can't see my ugly face la =D

LiKuan*:: Its [[as time goes by]] by Cyndi wang*
Blueberry sweet:: sure or not
jiahao*:: sorry, do I know you?
Shanon*:: ok. thanks (=
Osaris:: I am not studying and not working. I am a useless pig for now =D

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