Friday, April 11, 2008

Melissa*s bday celebration cum secondary school gathering

Just came back from CCK*s house for secondary school gossips. Really love the time with them. That is the time I can really know what is beinging myself.
(Kinda tired but after bathing I don't feel like sleeping. Anyone has any idea how can i tune back my body clock?)
Really love hanging out with them. We chat about stuff that is just so pure. don't have to really think a lot to answer their questions. It just us. Don't know if they think in the same way too.

Well.. Pictures will be up tomorrow!!
Too tired to do anything. But, I AM NOT SLEEPY AT ALL! HOW!!!???

Capricorn:: Really so boring?
Eunice*:: I am viewing yours too =D
Jevonne*:: Ya. i believe its that kinda things too
LiKuan*:: I can't keep it for long. HAHA. Cute right!
Kelly*:: Actually the day before I've got the hand-foot-mouth, I wanted to call you, coz i was at your house area!
YiFan*:: Omg. Miss you soooooooooooo much!! Ok!! Really gotta meet up soon!!!

Today wasn't totally happy. Some stuff I should have given up on. Some stuff I think I shouldn't be thinking about. Something not worth my time. Something not worth my anything. Think about it, sorry to say.. its really a burden.
I really hope i can finished this up, I don't wish to carry on anymore. Its too tiring...
Please, respect me, will you?
If can, I've stated clearly.. don't call and ask, its tiriing enough...

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