Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to not get fat you tell me.

Eating 12 wantan at this hour
How to not get fat you tell me?

Suddenly tot of having what im aim`ing to have
-New digi-cam
-PSP slim
-mini pig
-Driving license

need to work!

oh ya. when i was trying to search sth from this word TAURUS, a porn website came up -.-
well, the xxx is for you to find out if u love to watch porn. LOL

ChenEr*:: of coz! doing fine :D how are you?
LiKuan*:: ok~!
Jevonne*:: same here! Aya. i forget someone's bday is.... when huh?
Vin*:: ur welcome :)
GiGi*:: ya la! :D

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