Tuesday, August 22, 2006


today had our pratical prelim
i fail my bio by 1 mark
i bet i can't pass the overall
coz i nv see the last page of the physics paper
reach block80 for chicken wings at 8.30
b4 tt i ate breakfast prepared by mommy
after skool arounf 2 ate lunch with li kuan*
feeling so FAT now

mommy was at home when i reach home at 3
she hurt her eye
she poke her own eye and.. donno why
poor mommy
it hurt like hell
she hurt the comea of the eyeball

my sis is goin to Zouk tml
ladyz nite!!
donno why my sis don go clubbing with me
but i wanna go with her badly!
wonder how she look on the dance floor

hee!! i love the count down board!
i found it at soonYan*s blog

reply to tag
baoYu*::thanks for the tag! =D
mabel*:: thanks!!!
crystal*:: haha.. i will.. thanks
penny*:: thanks!!
nice know`ing u all were here
a BIG SMILE for all of you :D

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